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To Red Or Not To Red

February 28, 2013

Hi everyone, and thanks for reading my first-ever blog post!  As a makeup artist, I have come across various great products,  I always mean to share my ideas but have committed in 2013 to actually do the sharing!

The Oscars always inspire me with all the fresh looks the starlets sport on that big night.  I was particularly inspired by that Hollywood chameleon, Jessica Chastain!  She’s done a range of looks: all tarted up like a Backwoods Barbie in ” The Help,” grungy and freshly scrubbed in “Zero Dark Thirty,” and then the epitome of glamour on Oscar night.  The biggest beauty move for her on Oscar night was her impeccably applied red lipstick.

Wouldn’t you love to have the perfect red lipstick for you in your beauty arsenal?  I find the color of red as daunting to wear as that golden gown Jessica sported, so it’s best to go with baby steps.  My favorite intro to red is Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia, found at the corner CVS or Walgreen’s ($7).

There are two ways to wear it….


1) Dressed down.  Clean face or minimal makeup, lip balm and no pencil required.  Its the perfect go-to lip balm because it’s sheer, light and gives just the right amount of color.  Have one in your purse or gym bag at all times.  I mean, if you’re one to slap on some lip balm and go, why not use one that actually does more for you than make you smell like a high school boy? ( I’m talking to you, Carmex.)

2) Dressed up.  The whole enchilada– foundation, concealer, powder, neutral eyes, blush and Red Dahlia with carefully chosen lip pencils.  Here’s how:

Apply your makeup, saving lips for last.  Be sure that the area around your lips is cleaned up- blemishes concealed and lightly powdered.  Apply the balm as usual and line your lips with a neutral pencil, like MAC lip liner ($15) in Spice or Whirl, both lining and shading the lip lightly to make the balm more opaque. Blend together using a lip brush or your own lips mashed together back and forth, paying attention not to mess up the lip line.  Finally, add a little bit of a truer red pencil– I like MAC lip liner pencils in Half-Red, or Redd— and lightly line and add some to the inside lip area, blending as you go.  Stop.  Look at it.  Too red?  Blot and add neutral pencil. Not red enough?  Add more red pencil and balm.  Remember, you know more than you give yourself credit for!  Stop when you love it!

Soon I will share my favorite true red lipstick, and the secret to red lips that don’t bleed beyond your borders!  But for now, head out and grab this hard-working gem.

Until next time…


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