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Clarisonic: Is It Really Worth It?

March 8, 2013

I’m no longer a spring chicken, but I have been blessed with good skin. My friends bust on me because I’m the guy at the pool in a huge floppy hat and oversized sunglasses slathering SPF 50 on every square inch of my body and face. I view beach days as trench warfare as I plot the ways I will thwart UVA rays from assaulting my skin. I view overcast days as the sun trying to lull me into a false sense of security, only to zap my precious skin into a wrinkly, damaged mess. In short, preserving my skin has been somewhat of a hobby for me. Ha!

Soap Box Alert: Please always wear SPF 15 or higher in your daily moisturizer, even now, in the throes of winter. There, I’m done.

ImageIf you want to have skin that absorbs expensive treatments properly, you have to make sure your skin breathing well, your pores are clear and it’s clean. Santa brought me a Clarisonic face brush (left, $119 and up) this year because he knows I’m a freak for all things skincare. I was skeptical at first because I thought $100+ for a little facial brush seemed like one of us was getting cleaned out, and it wasn’t me. But then again, Santa doesn’t care about retail prices, so I thought what the hell?

I will be damned if I didn’t see my skin glow within a week.

The trick is to use enough cleanser and water to have a little emulsion. My unit came with a sample of the Clarisonic Cleanser ($25) that foamed up and washed all makeup, dirt and dead skin cells away like a dream. The thing is, there have been skin brushes out there forever and I really didn’t want to like this thing. I wanted to give it a shot, discover it was all hooey, return it to Sephora and put it the money towards some Creme De La Mer ($275) moisturizer. But a better plan emerged: Use brush daily ( twice a day for truly oily skin), moisturize and notice how skin drinks in the cream since there is no yucky dead skin blocking the way, and let the compliments roll in on how much brighter and cleaner my skin looks. You can use any facial cleanser you like with the brush. The difference is that it uses the same technology as the SonicCare toothbrush– vibrating soft bristles, cleanser and water aid in removing makeup, dirt and dead skin. All that is left is truly clean, glowing skin. And that’s what we really want!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the real deal. Using this regularly will decrease the need for facials, high-end skin creams, and lots of foundation. You will love what this brush will do for you!


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